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How to getting the fashion boots for yourself?

Recently, I find the whether become more and more cold, so I need wear the long maxi dresses, sweater dresses and trench coats. But when I wear them, I need the fashion boots to mix them. I am a fashion women, I want to get the fashion boots for myself to mix my dresses or leggings. So how can I getting the fashion boots for me? Tbdress online store is the best place to get them, it offers all kinds of boots to you, such as: tall boots, over knee boots, knee high boots and ankle boots. All of them are made by the leather, PU, denim and more materials.

But for me, my height is 170, so I like the tall boots. Tall boots can look chic and attractive when worn correctly. They are modest yet sexy, and can be a wardrobe statement piece. Slender, comfortable boots make your legs look especially long, and when paired with skinny bottoms and a loose top, the elongating power of the boot is only amplified. Whether you go for a conservative English riding style boot, sexy bright red clubbing boots, or cowboy boots, these are a great addition to a woman’s wardrobe.

 Round Toe Stiletto Heel Platform Back Zipper Over-the-Knee Women's Boots Pointed Toe Side Zipper Mid-Calf Stripe Women's Boots Suede Square Heel Pointed Toe Women's Knee Boots  Stiletto Heel Pointed Toe Back Zipper Over-the-Knee Women's Boots

If you are not like the tall boots, you can choose the ankle boots or knee high boots. Choosing the suitable boots are very important show your shape. Tbdress can give you a good service and you will have a good time on it. Hope you can find the fashionable boots for yourself! Good luck to you!

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What Are the Most Popular Sandals in 2017?

Fresh and beautiful summer has come, although there are the hot sun will be annoying, but as a fashionable cutting-edge people this obstruction is negligible, because there are many better things to come, that is beautiful and sexy dresses, all kinds of fashionable sandals and more. I think get the fashionable and comfortable sandals are very important in summer, because the popular and beauty sandal is easy to match your dresses, shorts. Besides, owning a pair of unique sandals can highlight your temperament. Now let us to see the 2017 popular sandals quickly.
First of all, we first do the distinction between the color of the sandals, I think getting the silver sandals are full of metal texture, very stylish, simple and generous style; Black high-heeled sandals fashion sexy, beautiful smooth lines lining feet small and charming.

 Formal Stiletto Heels Rhinestone Cheap Women's Pumps  Formal Stiletto Heels Rhinestone Cheap Women's Pumps
Second, choose the flat shoes is also necessary, the Flat shoes with the design is very comfortable, sandals design sense is enough. So this summer the goddess must have weapons, must need such a shoe to match.
Third, National wind beaded sandals are very popular every summer, they are comfortable and easy to match your clothing, and show your art temperament. Slope with sandals is also a must for a single product, increased at the same time will not feel tired, classic and generous style, perfect modification of the foot type, beautiful color is more suitable for bright summer, lovely age, let you more vitality.

So buy the fashionable and sexy sandals at Tbdress online store. Here offers all kinds of styles and colors to choose. Visit to Tbdress online store, you can do whatever you want, and get the cheapest price and high quality! Many discount and coupon will waiting for you!

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How to greet the arrival of winter?

Winter is coming, not a little protection against the weather was become colder and colder, the beauty who wants to act as beautiful but not like be cold, so they put on all the warm clothes are worn on the body. In fact, warm and stylish is not conflict at all. Looking at the following warm stylish collocation.



Once into winter, the long trench clothes have become necessary equipment. With pencil pants and other basic models, it’s warm enough, but too ordinary is no feel. If you want to wear long coat as super powerful aura, the velvet embroidered coat is the best choice, Velvet embroidered coat collocation bandage sexy boots, collocation the wool dress, long short combination not only makes look adds a sense of hierarchy, and long legs to kill, let you easily become a street landscape full back rate.



Fur is the favourite of the beauty in winter, if you want to show a fashionable feeling, you must pay attention to the collocation. Although the fur is seemed nobility, but don’t seem too lady, what’s more, the big golden chain and the gold watch are not fashionable with the fur… Oh. The black short fur collocation casual nine flash pencil pants, a black sporty doublet, feet wearing a pair of woolen slippers with white fur, backpack to ornament. The body is black and white with no monotonous, the fur dressed young and good enough.



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It is the season of knitwear

The season, as for me, is always for sweater. Both warm and comfortable, now choose your style for pieces of sweater!


As the classic style, the material of fluffy always the first choice when it comes to keeping you from the freeze wind. Color grey can be a good option for it not only looks great but also match with others well.


Cardigan are also something that everyone loves for its fashionable design.


Sweater dress is popular nowadays. You can still fulfill your love for dress even under the degree of these days with a simple sweater dress and a legging.

Or the long boots can also be a great match.


Slash neck long sleeve sweater will give you an impression of sexy even in the thick clothes, which will definitely meet the demand of women who love the sexy style.


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Anne Hathaway-the way she wears

The latest Oscar awarded movie star win my attention not only for her frank telling which she put it that ‘I kind of lost my mind doing that movie and it hadn’t come back yet. Then I had to stand up in front of people and feel something I don’t feel which is uncomplicated happiness. It’s an obvious thing, you win an Oscar and you’re supposed to be happy. I didn’t feel that way’, but also the way that she wears so different from her characters- simple, humble but surely fashionable that each of us can easily following.



Anne Hathaway looking flawless wearing all-white in “The Devil Wears Prada.” That outfit gorgeous.

While in her real life, she dresses herself in a totally different style.


A simple striped shirt with hot pants can be great for leisure together with a sunhat which can bring the look more elegant element as well as preventing you from get burnt.

(310)900 9986 Denis Castro_Beverly News.                                                             Actress Anne Hathaway was spotted leaving a coffee place in Los Angeles, carying a newspaper. Friday, October 7th, 2011.

Grey long sleeve shirt and jeans with a special necklace can be a good look for you to almost every occasion just except formal ones. The outfit joint energetic and comfort as well as fashion.

A stroll with your love one? Here is the look you can learn from.


You can not only match the color but the material shows you two some unspoken tacit.

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Try simple and easy style-shoes that suit you well

Bella Hadid took a painful tumble on Wednesday. The fashion model landed on all fours on the Michael Kors runway during owe to her six-inch black platform heels.

What she showed us is that you can be mighty and chic at a moment and down to earth the second after.



So as for the coming season,I will strongly recommend you some shoes both fashionable and easy to fit in.

1Round Toe Slip-On Chunky Heel Women’s Pumps


It is really vintage, and the height is very reasonable for both leisure and working.

2Side Zipper Ankle Platform Round Toe Plain Women’s Boots


When it comes to fall, nothing is better than the black boots which ensure you warmth and elegance at the same time.

3Round Toe Ankle Tassel Short Floss Women’s Boots


It can be easily match with jeans which kill two birds with one stone for its comfort level and look.

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Some Strange and Eccentric Design Brooches

The most fashionable match way is pinned countless brooches in your clothes, shirts collar, and your bags this year. This collocation ways can make your look seemed very interesting, and you can random placement these brooches’ according to the pattern which design by yourself. This kind of freedom and casual design, make countless girls scream and crazy for it!



Difficult to understand and strange is this kind of brooches’ design style, this kind of design style completely let you touch the mind but super attract your eyeball.



All of these kinds of brooches are the cartoon images, so you have much more room to collocate by your own mind. If you’re a girl like to funny, so don’t miss these kinds of brooches.



Compared to those gorgeous retro brooch, these cool brooch make you become an independent school up. No matter pinned in shirts or the outerwear’s, it always both special and delicate.


I like the colorful eyes style very much, because this kind of brooch can collocate in anywhere of the clothes.




Like above, pinned on the outerwear or the collar, it’s very delicate! Maybe no one can resist the charm of small brooches with the stylish details of the sense!





Besides the brooches, this series also have the stocks, rings and earrings, all of them are popular by the girls.

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Several Ways to DIY Beautiful Earrings with the Abandoned Material

DIY is an interesting manual process, especially for many girls, they keened on hand making, maybe this is the charm of a woman than man.

If you like stacking your jewellery box with numerous earrings of varied colours and styles, then attempt your hands at these trendy studs made of the lovable buttons that have already created its thanks to your sewing box. you’ll even purchase a range of distinctive buttons just like the attractive golden or silver ones or maybe those with a cool style. creating these engaging earrings are going to be a cakewalk once you’re taking a look at these attention-grabbing tutorials.


How to Make Button Earrings with Fabric?

If you have got colourful outfits that you now not would like, then instead of throwing them away use them to create these colourful studs.

This jewellery would be a perfect choose for your leopard-styled dress. The directions would be a similar as within the tutorials higher than and below.


Fabric Covered Button Earrings


These beautiful button earrings would be plan idea for giving gifts.

Fabric Button Earrings: Tutorial

You can sew a heart or something fascinating to the material to extend its charm.

Gold Lace Earrings with Pearl and Button

The lace style offers the earrings a beautiful look.

DIY Black Halloween Bat Earrings with Buttons
These bat-shaped black buttons would look good once created into earrings on the occasion of day.


DIY Colorful Stud Button Earrings
If you have leftover scraps of fabric after making your fashionable outfits, then rather than discarding them off, use them to make these good looking button studs to match with your attire.


Flower Button Earring How-to
If you have got leftover scraps of material once creating your modern outfits, then instead of discarding them off, use them to form these sensible wanting button studs to match along with your apparel.

DIY White Lace Button Earrings
The white lace wrapped round the buttons offers it a chic look. If you’ve got created one thing with animal skin, then use the remaining bits to hide your buttons to create earrings.


Easy Way of Making Button Earrings
Make a full heap of those colourful earrings to group with the variability of dresses sitting in your wardrobe.

If you’ve got picket buttons, then you’ll be able to build earrings with it by following the on top of tutorial. choose plain ones while not the holes if you’re coming up with it for males.


DIY Green Rhinestone Button Earrings
These transparent quartz buttons, once designed into earrings would look attractive, being ideal for any of your party wear. you’ll be able to opt for red, blue, turquoise, yellow or alternative vibrant-colored transparent quartz buttons to form into earrings, looking on the colour of your outfit.

How to Make Gold Button Earrings?
You can even paint the easy buttons you have got to urge these marvelous golden earrings.

Instructions to Make Colorful Button Earrings
These hanging earrings made up of colourful buttons, look no less engaging than those out there at the shop.

Transform your showy buttons into jewellery holders. you will even glue them to a bit of ribbon and place your earrings within them (the buttons).


Handmade Button Earrings
Here you’ve got a bonus tutorial of an identical bracelet beside the colourful button earrings.


Dangling Antique Button Earrings
Turn the antique-looking buttons sitting in your closet into a try of fashionable earrings. you’ll conjointly paint your straightforward buttons with grey or brown to provide that antique look.

DIY Fabric Button Earrings Tutorial: African Patterned
These materials used for wrapping the earrings have a social group bit in them, giving the studs a country look.

Large or outsized buttons are often lined with the material of your option to create beautiful earrings like this one.

DIY Dangling Metal Button Earrings


Homemade Rainbow Dangle Button Earrings
These very little buttons of varied colours, organized in an exceedingly correct sequence provides the dangler a novel look.

Easy Button Earrings with Pins
These hooter formed buttons would look nice once designed into trendy earrings.

Buttoned Ears: DIY
Buying trendy and designer buttons would assist you create these cool earrings.


Covered Button Earrings Tutorial
If you want to create matching earrings with the dress you’ve got simply seamed, then avoid wasting left over cloth and use it to hide your easy buttons.

DIY Black Spider Clip-on Earrings
Aren’t these spider-shaped buttons spooky enough for Halloween?

DIY Fancy Gauged Button Ear Plugs


DIY Vintage Button Earrings

How to Make Button Plug Earrings?


If you do not have the right buttons to style into earrings, you will obtain a kit for your convenience. These earrings with its sleek and sober style became more and more a la mode within the recent times. when you’ve got learned the art of constructing them, you’ll style plenty of them of various colours for various occasions or provide as gifts to you close to and expensive ones.

Some other nice earrings.