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Best Swimsuits of 2018 for Women

The summer is my favorite season, in the summer, I like to pass my holiday to triping, and I also like the sea, when I arrive the beach, I will forget my pressure and enjoy the sunshine time. So the summer will be coming and I will be prepared the best swimsuits for my holiday time. But what is the best swimsuits of 2018 for women? I search them online, I find some swimwear is very popular in any countries, it own the dashiki styles, the elemesnt is the bright color, strange pattern, so many people like it. They also very sexy and hot, when you wearing them in the sea, you will be admire many people’s eyes to see you. What place you can easy to buy them?

 Fashion Print Bowknot Bandage Bikini Set

Plain Knotted Hollow Monokini

 Unique Knitting Hollow Fringed Bikini Set

Scalloped Trim Adjustable Strap Bandeau Women's Bikini Set

V-Neck Backless Plus Size One-Piece Swimsuit

Lovely Hollow High-Waist Plus Size Bikini Set

Tbdress online store can easily help you solve these problems, here offers many new and unique dashiki swimwear to you, more of them are blong to the monokinis. All the swimwear very sexy and fashionable. And most of swimwears are suit everyone, we can try on and show your bodyshape. So Join in us quickly, you can get the fashionable and beautiful bikinis to you! You will get the best service and save more to you!

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2017 Victoria Secret Fashion Show Hits – Shanghai

The Victoria Secret Show is famous in recent years. The models are very sexy to show the secret. Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2017 was in Shanghai yesterday, this time have many famous models attend this show, but the Katy Perry and supermodel Gigi Hadid without attend this show. But the victorias secret show also make the people exciting and forward. All the models are show the sexy and beauty on the show, different styles different feels. Please see the sexy and beauty pictures:


The super model Liuwen and Ximenghyao are join in the show on the motherland. It is very memorable. But it is a pity for Ximeng, she falls on the catwalk. But she no give up this show, she insist on finish the show smiley. We thank for her, thank every model and the designer. They give us the perfect show, love them. Look forward to exciting live broadcast on November 28!

If you love this show and interested to the intimates things, Tbdress is the best place to meet your needs. Maybe they are no popular than for the Victoria Secret, but you must can fit one to you!


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How to Wear the Bodysuits properly?

The Bodysuits are one piece garments, and similar to one-piece bathing suit. They have the stronger function as any shirts would (except a crop top). Most bodysuits also provide tension from the shoulders to the crotch to help play up your curves, especially with low-cut necklines. Basically, they can suck you in, lift you up and work as the perfect base layer for any outfit! So How can you wear it properly?


Bodysuits can be worn with jeans, pants, skirts and shorts–any bottom you can think of, you can probably wear it with a bodysuit. Styling a bodysuit can range from casual to professional to glam and sexy. So please see some pictures, many beautiful and fashion girls how to mix their bodysuits, they will be love the bodysuits and will be wear them in these ways.

The bodysuit can easily to mix your pants, skirts and more things, every things can show your sexy, hot and cool. So shopping the beauty and black bodysuits to you. It can save more time for you! Come in Tbdress online store to choose one for you! Everything will make you happy and give you a good shopping time!

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Blazing red lips vs Nude lips

The VMAs would always be the wind vane of fashion to the following year, though some of the looks may be questionable and hard for us to understand, it still give us a little inspiration on our daily outlook.

This year’s red carpet is definitely the arena for all the celebrities as usual, which brings especially the war between blazing red lips and the new trend nude lips.

The classic make up that issues your sexy lips burning like fire with exaggerated eye lines.


Taylor Swift shows us perfectly how the blazing red lips works on her charming boyfriends before and now.


It also suits Emma Watson well, which brighten her face with the strong color.


Nicki Minaj makes a case for waist-length hair, pairing the sleek look with nude lips and a black cat eye.


Kim Kardashian got a look with just-get-out-of-shower hair and the nude lips, both sexy and fresh.


Which kind suit you well? I ‘ve got suggestion for you, better choose red if you get the skin color light and nude will match darker skin well.



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The Evolution of Sexy Lingerie Through the Ages

Sexy lingerie always shows a sense of mystery and attractive, wearing sexy lingerie is the best way to showcase the sensual and sexy side about you.


However, totally different completely different countries and different ages the attractive nightwear has the various designs from ancient to today. Successive we will realize the evolution of sexy lingerie to the ages.

The earliest style of undergarments specific to girl comes from ancient Balkan state, wherever ladies would wear a band of fabric to support their breasts. Minoan art portrayal ladies living in ancient Crete over 4,000 years ago show ladies sporting such garments.

980x (7)

Called associate degree “apodesmos” the generally wool garment bore a basic similitude to trendy undergarment styles, there in these items were product of textile that wrapped round the front of the chest and were secured with pins within the back.

980x (1)

In ancient Rome, custom determined that ladies with larger breasts were thought of unattractive, thus ladies wore tight support clothes, referred to as a “mamillare” or a “fascia” that may constrain and scale back the looks of the dimensions of their busts.

980x (8)

While the chemise not the oldest style of lingerie, the Chinese Dudou could also be among the foremost enduring.

First modern among the higher categories throughout the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Dudou is formed nearly like bib with straps that tie round the neck and back. Just like the undergarments of ancient Rome, it absolutely was designed to reduce the looks of the dimensions of the bust.

980x (2)

Unlike throughout ancient Rome, larger busts weren’t quite as less-traveled within the late Middle Ages and onward, as proven by the recognition of corset, that aimed to provide ladies the looks of getting massive busts and slender waistlines.

Emerging in its earliest type some 4,000 years ago, the corset, a term coined within the fourteenth century, is that the 1st garment designed primarily for aesthetic instead of sensible functions. instead of being a garment that matches the form of the user, a corset instead is intended to form a form out of the girl.

980x (6)

Over the centuries, corset styles would incorporate totally different materials, from wood to metal rods to animal bones, and totally different styles, incorporating hooks, clips, straps and even pulleys.

Corsets reached the peak of their quality throughout the Victorian era, worn by each men and ladies, solely to be displaced within the twentieth century by the production of a unique reasonably support garment and a war.

980x (3)

Although the bandeau has its origins within the ancient world, it wasn’t till 1914 that a style created and proprietary by The Virgin Phelps Jacob would gain widespread usage and acceptance.

Lightweight and cozy, Jacob’s “Backless Brassiere” separated every breast instead of pushing them along like a corset. Within the Nineteen Twenties, individual cup sizes would follow, leaving a easier garment.

The First World War wasn’t simply fought on the field of battle a day. It absolutely was conjointly a struggle within the underclothing drawers of girls across America. The U.S. executive department asked ladies to prevent shopping for corsets, so as to use those materials for the war effort. The campaign verified productive, saving enough steel to make 2 battleships.

980x (9)

Invented in 1947 by town Mellinger, the push-up undergarment gave ladies what they’d been missing since the decline of the corset: a bit aesthetic edge. within the Nineteen Eighties, Mellinger would build another style of nightwear, the thong, celebrated by mass-marketing the clothes in his stores, Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Although bras were originally designed as support clothes to assist ladies with physical activity, remarkably it wasn’t till 1977 that the primary sports undergarment, referred to as the Jogbra, was created by a feminine couple who created their original style exploitation 2 jock straps.

980x (4)

That same year, the primary Victoria’s Secret opened its doors in metropolis, Calif.

No longer are undergarments made of wool and whale bones. Currently ladies will have the support of cloths, foams, gels, pads, straps, air pockets and more.

980x (5)

And with Victoria’s Secret introducing a new a replacement|a undergarmentnd new fantasy bra each show, they’ll even have a multi-millionaire lingerie set coated in precious gemstones. At $15 million, the hot dog Fantasy undergarment worn by fashion model Gisele Bundchen in 2000 within the costliest lingerie within the world.