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2018 Popular Trends for the Pom Pom Earrings Online

For the fashion women, they are very pay attention to the popular trends, they will find what is the popular on the this year, sometimes the trends for the clothes, dresses, shoes, and another is the accessories. Now this time they find the popular earrings of the pom pom online. They are very beautiful, vintage and cute. They also easy to match your fashion and beauty clothing, dresses and more. They also have many colors, you must can find one to suit you! They also can suit any skin people, white and black people.

Pearl Synthetic Mink Ball Pom Pom Earrings Christmas Pom Pom Santa Claus Imitation Pearl Earrings Pearl Inlaid Downy Fuzzy Ball Pom Pom Earrings

How can you find them at the cheapest price online? Tbdress is the best place to get them, they are supplies many new styles and colors to you! They are cute and preppy, simple and beauty, the pom pom have the small and big, maybe some one has the two or three. You must can find anyone one to suit you! So join in now, it has the reasonable price to you! We are look forwarding you coming! Many surprising are waiting for you!

Dresses for Wedding

What Style is the Most Popular Wedding Dresses on 2017?

As a fashion and beauty girl, they are very pay attention their wedding gowns. Because they want like a princess on her wedding, on he wedding day, she want everyone to know she is beautiful girl on it. So getting the fashionable and popular wedding dresses is very important on it. If you’re struggling to find the perfect wedding gown, you may be interested to know what is the most popular wedding dress style of 2017? what style is the most popular wedding dresses on 2017? now I can give you some ideas to you and how to choose the wedding?

  1. The return to simplicity is very important and popular on 2017 trends. It can suit the bride who is looking for the elegant and exquisitely simple.                                                                                                                      Simple Ruched Pleats Chiffon Beading A-Line Beach Wedding Dress
  2. The tea-length wedding dress:  if you brides who love all things vintage, you should opt for a tea length wedding dress – a dress that falls below the knee and above the ankle.                                                                 A-Line Strapless Tea-Length Chiffon Beach Wedding Dress
  3. Off the shoulder wedding dress: An off the shoulder wedding dress is fashionable for 2017, but is still very much a classic and traditional style.                                                                                                                            
  4. The low v wedding dresses : it can show your sexy and unique.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2017 sexy and unique low v neck wedding dresses
  5. Not only are high necked bridal gowns very fashionable for 2017, but they are also perfect for those of you looking for more of a demure style.                                                                                                                                 2017 fashionable high neck wedding dresses                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            I give you many ideas and recommend the pictures to you, so would you want to getting them? If you want to getting them, so please join in tbdress online store, It can meet all your needs. The High Necked wedding gowns : If you are planning a very grand wedding, then a high necked bridal gown is definitely worth considering.                                                                                                                                                                          A-Line Strapless Flowers Color Wedding Dress
Dresses for Wedding

Why pineapples are popular and trendy in 2017 summer?

Pineapple styles has been popular and hot on Pinterest and Instagram over the past couple of weeks, making it a must have popular for this summer! Whether you are wearing pineapple dresses, crop tops, or accessories, or even just randomly holding a pineapple at the beach, you are guaranteed to be right on trend.


Woukd you know why pineapples are so popular in recent time? Sure it’s a delightful and fun design trend, but what makes this fruit so special? Pineapples have been showing up in American interior design for years now and it’s not just because they add a cute design element to one’s home. They designed many styles contain them, such as sunglasses, earrings, shirts, dresses, shorts, pants and more. People love the look of anything tropical and happy for summer which is why the yellow color of the pineapple is so appealing to people. Pineapples are more then just a yummy fruit, they are also a symbol of hospitality and welcome.



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Shopping the Fashionable Bell Bottoms for You at Tbdress Online Store

With the popular elements are changed, the popular trends are not same in each year. Last month I know the popular element is bell sleeves, and this month I find the popular element is bell bottoms. So how about the bell bottoms? It comes from the 1970s, and the bell bottoms is wide trousers ending in bell-shaped cuffs. The bell bottoms can give a fresh look to your, skinny jeans, and can change a whole look with the exaggerated shape. A white bell bottom jean styled with a striped blazer makes an excellent day time look.

Slim Plain Full Length Women's Bellbottoms     Red High-Waist Full Length Women's Bellbottoms

The bell bottoms are not only for dressing up. Wear a pair of lighter wash wide leg jeans during the summer with a graphic tank top, or throw on a fur vest for the colder seasons. So how can you get the fashionable bell bottoms online? Tbdress is the best places to getting them as the reasonable price. Here offers a collection of the bell bottoms with the vintage and sexy styles. They are made of the chiffon, cotton and lace materials, they are wore comfortable. The styles are print flared, flower floral print, high waist and full length. All of them are easy to match the blouse, jackets, T shirts and more. You will have a good impression on your friends.

Falbala Flower Print Pleated Elastics Women's Bellbottoms      Color Block Printing Slim Women's Bellbottoms

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Dresses for Wedding

Getting the Fashionable Wedding Dresses at Tbdress Online Store

As a fashion and beautiful girl, I think you must want to become the most beautiful,fashionable and dazzle on your wedding. So I think get the modest, fashionable and sexy beautiful wedding dresses is very important for you. Because the dresses can show your beauty, temperament, sexy and more. On your wedding, your husband and friends will be attracted by your dresses or a smile. So how can you get the fashionable wedding dresses online. Tbdress is the best place to meet your needs.

Tbdress online store offers the latest collection of the wedding dresses, all of dresses have the unique style and suit different occasions, such as: beach wedding dresses, muslim wedding dresses, plus size wedding dresses, lace wedding dresses, color wedding dresses and more. If you will have the beach wedding, outdoor wedding and more, so you can choose the best one to fit you. Tbdress can give you a satisfy reply. Join in now, you can get the best service and a big discount.


Dresses for Wedding

Floral Dress is the Latest Fashion Trends – 2017

For dress, I believe that every female wardrobe are filled with all kinds of dresses, so what dress is popular on 2017? The tbdress online store tell me summer of 2017 popular dress is the floral fashion dresses. Speaking of the floral dress, I believe we should not unfamiliar! Floral, as one of thousands of single product, perhaps it is not worth to treat for difference, but it can be considered one of the best one which can easy to match.

  Red Strappy Backless Women's Day Dress

Whether you are tall, or petite, whether alone, or emergence to mix for other clothing, it is also impeccable. Woman to the goddess of the distance, sometimes only separated by a floral dress. Dressed in long floral dresses, it can be light smart, pleated design added soft impression, walking dance to dance, can not tell the charming and moving.So buy one floral dresses for you, I think you will be a goddess. Visit to tbdress online store, it can show you a variety of floral dresses. Shopping them now, many discounts are waiting for you!


Dresses for Wedding

How to Choose a Summer Wedding Dress?

The wedding ceremony is an important event in the life of any woman. Selecting the best summer wedding dress is certainly something every bride would like to do. Select a dress that will suit for summer. Some people would like hold the wedding in spring, they think the season not hot and cold. They are not like the summer, because they think the season is too hot. But for me I think the season is the best place to hold wedding ceremonies. That is I like summer, like the sunshine. I think it is just the perfect season to get married and they look out for the best dress to suit the occasion. Summer is no doubt the hottest season of the year and it is a natural tendency to sweat a lot in those months. One should keep this aspect of the season in mind before selecting a wedding dress.

10978096_1    12159383_1

Keep in mind as it is hot in summer and you had better to choose the simple and light fabrics like silk and stain, not choose have many accessories or big trailing. One can even make the dress shorter to feel cool and they are much in vogue now days. Summer is a good time for the bride to show off her figure by choosing the perfect attire which will hide the flaws if there are any. It is always advised to endorse a dress which is best to flatter your body.

 12751507_1                11440033_1

Purchasing your favorite attire is no more a hassle as there is a tremendous variety of dresses available now days. One can choose from fabrics like organdy, linen, chiffon, light weight silk to stay comfortable at the wedding. Tbdress Can offer many styles to you, such as the sleeveless, halter, backless and tube dresses. These dresses allow you to show off some gorgeous skin in the fabulous weather. Strapless sheaths and mermaid styles are also a lovely option for summer.

11675020_1 11632246_1

A wedding is a grand event in everyone’s life and a romantic affair and one need to pick up the perfect attire that should be liked and praised by all. So you had better invite your friends to shop the dresses together, she would give you suggestions that you might need when you get confused. Just listen to your heart and plan the best for your wedding which is an important event in life.

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2016 Cyber Monday is coming, are you ready to snap up?

Nowadays, the cyber Monday is become more and more famous all over the world. Cyber Monday is the first Monday after the Black Friday. Everyone is waiting for this festival all the year. Are you prepared all of items on your shop cart? If haven’t, I can recommend a store for you, tbdress is the best place to fill your wardrobe with many cheap beautiful dresses, tops, shoes, men clothes, accessories and so on.


2016 Cyber Monday sales are more attractive and fashionable, which will provide more and more big discounts and surprises for you on Specific activities are as follow: Free Shipping Over $89;Extra 10% Off (2 Items);Extra15% Off (≥3 Items); Code: CM1 $2 Off Over $19; All Items Up To 85% Off. Many surprising are waiting for you!




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Are you ready to snap up dresses in black Friday?

Black Friday is coming, are you ready to snap up dresses on this crazy festival? Black Friday is very popular in the United States. The time is after the thanksgiving. Many people have waited for this all year and they are happy to spend them money on products that will be at low costs on the black Friday. It can save more money to them!


Before the Black Friday, many people choose their items on the shop cart, when time up, they only pay them online. It is very crazy and exciting! Many things are sold out in seconds. So many business men seize the opportunities and offer many activities for the goods.



Tbdress is an old online store which sells fashion and popular women & men clothes, shoes, wedding events, cheap wedding and evening dresses and more. So it is also has many activities for customers on Black Friday Sales. Such as $6 Off Over $69; $10 Off Over $109; Free Shipping Over $89. Besides that, it also gives you many coupons to you.



Tbdress online store has its own unique style and brand in this year. Every brand has its own story to support. We have many brands including Vintacy, Young 17, Plusee, Queenus, Sheshoe and more. So you can choose the brand to suit you. We have the high quality and service to you. Come on tbdress and find the fashion and popular clothing, dresses or shoes to suit you. Every items can show your temperament. Join in tbdress and seize the opportunity on the Black Friday sales in this year. Many surprising are waiting for you!

Dresses for Wedding

Do you know the history of world wedding dresses?

Wedding dress, a normally bottom drawer has already for the most widespread dress, all the brides must choose a set of beautiful wedding dress for their big day, to accompany themselves enter the hall of marriage. Then, what’s the back history of the wedding dress, and how did it develop in the form of nowadays?

Ancient Egypt – The First Wedding Dress


The custom of wearing wedding dresses in wedding seemingly short history, it not more than 100 years, but the wedding dress is long-standing, it can be traced back to four thousand years ago, the ancient Egyptian civilization period. According to the legacy of the record, ancient Egyptian palace noble bride wearing traditional white linen multilayer thin plait Chiffon dresses, bare chest, sleeve to elbow, chest and waist tie with cord under the breast, and bottom on bell dress. The whole wedding dress was the tight and fit, pleated decoration is gradation is distinct, was considered the prototype of the modern wedding dress. Due to the clothing mainly was spinning weaved by flax at that time, and the Linen was difficult to stain, so the color is mainly white, other colors such as yellow, blue, green and red are used in a small area.

14 Century – The Formation of the Skirt Drag


Ancient Rome, in ninth Century BC, the cultural etiquette had already entered the mature stage of prosperity. Religion has permeated every aspect of people’s lives, the image of the various gods can be seen everywhere in an important ceremony. For example, white symbol of joy and happiness, so people often wear white clothes in festivals, wedding as one of the most important occasions in life, of course, is no exception. Remove color limited, traditional wedding accessories are also often show a symbol of purity form. At the wedding, the bride wore a white new gown from their parents, symbolizing the purity of the bride, on the gown has a Hercules knot unlock only by the groom. The most important elements in the whole wedding is veil, in ancient times known as Nuhere (Veiling) in terms of the veil, to be synonymous with marriage. The veil for the orange, was taken from the representative of pure virgin vestal flame Vesta. And the lily wreath on the bride’s head is not only echo before and after the wedding dress, but also the symbol of purity!

16 Century – The Baroque Era


With the advent of the corset and skirt, began a tight bundle on upper, lower skirt expansion dress, the concept of wedding dress became clear and clear, use filler to create three-dimensional effects, emphasizing the concave and convex shape of female body, the waist is more slender, more slender overall curve. This dress itself shows the three-dimensional appearance, expand and enrich the designer’s thinking and thoughts for the emergence of modern wedding dress made a solid foundation. Among them, the European Renaissance clothing is characterized by a split into various components, independent of each other, the need to wear when they are assembled together with a clear shape, this dress has got a rapid development in the Renaissance. This dress has been rapid development in the period of Renaissance, and previous use of plants, beautiful scenery, as a symbol of different customs, it gradually stressed that the body in different parts of the decoration, such as wedding rings as a symbol of love and two people of faith, the brooch is representative of the pure and faithful.

18 Century – Rococo Era


The same is gorgeous color, if in 17 Century the Baroque era is a collection of male efforts, then in 18 Century the Rococo period is a woman showing tenderness. In the Rococo period, the female body becomes the object of man’s crazy pursuit and appreciation, and it is very popular for hedonism at that time, reflects the liberation of human nature. The dress style from bold and unconstrained to graceful and exquisite, on behalf of the power and wealth of the lace is applied to the extreme, “exposure and grace” has become the standard for women to dress. This revolutionary change was called “Rococo fashion”. The wedding abandoned simple, harmonious, steady pursuit of a classical style, complicated exaggeration and magnificent, magnificent, dynamic artistic realm. Showing in the magnificent, sweet taste in the aristocratic Dynasty, reached the point of narrow costume reach the peak of perfection in the dress of artificial beauty, can be said that the Rococo Era laid the foundation for the development of lace!

19 Century – Vitoria Times


At the end of the eighteenth Century, the French Revolution began, the immediate impact on the popular trends of all sectors of society. At the end of the eighteenth Century, the French Revolution began, the immediate impact on the popular trends of all sectors of society. The bride to emulate the antiquity, took to wearing the veil, lace and thin veil will be fixed in Jinhua rose ring, pure white wedding dress again become popular color. Palace style dress exaggerated to neoclassical fashion trend, vitoria period of popular narrow waist, tight, elegant fluffy skirt shape, is considered a classic appearance of the modern wedding dress, so enduring. But before 19 Century, the western girls got merried, the bride’s wedding dress hasn’t the uniform color specifications, until 1840, the world’s blockbuster wedding. British Queen Victoria dressed in a beautiful brocade by Chinese made of white dress, the tail is 5.5 meters long, with a white veil from head to foot, stunning the audience of pure white. Her amazing move to establish a white wedding dress in the British royal family in the past 200 years to stand up the situation, but also to the wedding of the white wedding as a symbol of the West and the world.

Since 20 Century—All Flowers Bloom Together Era


After 50s, the wedding dress design to break the traditional swing skirt design, and drawing on the design features of fashion, advocating the design principle of “downsizing”. Tailoring and design will be a combination of various years of wedding fashion elements, focusing on the sense of beauty of the modern, to avoid complex. Neck, shoulder and back coat bare majority, skirt part according to the preferences and wedding form choice, common type, type, dress miniskirt fishtail etc. The other is a combined type wedding, church wedding day and night will be required to dress dinner guests for a combination, provides a lot of convenience for the bride’s dress.