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Blazing red lips vs Nude lips

The VMAs would always be the wind vane of fashion to the following year, though some of the looks may be questionable and hard for us to understand, it still give us a little inspiration on our daily outlook.

This year’s red carpet is definitely the arena for all the celebrities as usual, which brings especially the war between blazing red lips and the new trend nude lips.

The classic make up that issues your sexy lips burning like fire with exaggerated eye lines.


Taylor Swift shows us perfectly how the blazing red lips works on her charming boyfriends before and now.


It also suits Emma Watson well, which brighten her face with the strong color.


Nicki Minaj makes a case for waist-length hair, pairing the sleek look with nude lips and a black cat eye.


Kim Kardashian got a look with just-get-out-of-shower hair and the nude lips, both sexy and fresh.


Which kind suit you well? I ‘ve got suggestion for you, better choose red if you get the skin color light and nude will match darker skin well.



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Athleisure style –leggings

Leggings, especially sporty ones, were used to be thought as sports outfits and not so appropriate when you are outside doors. However, nowadays, it has blown a trend in Hollywood where many celebrities show us a new inspiration on how to keep a balance in the look of sporty and leisure, which called athleisure.

Here are the traditional one which you thought that could only be worn in the gym.


 Gigi Hadid shows us her outfit. She dressed herself with a fresh spin on chic, sporty streetwear on her day off, which made her look both healthy and alive.


 Taylor Swift dressed with a crop top and leggings while working out with Karlie Kloss on March. I have to say, that’s pretty cute.


 As for you, since fall has already come, here are my suggestion for you to keep both warm and fit. A oversize long sweater with shirts in and leggings on the bottom would  perfectly satisfied your need.


 A wind coat which can slightly cover your butt will be a great match.


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Welcome fall—my LOVE THE MOST ITEMS

There goes the summer and here comes the fall, as the weather is becoming cooler gradually, are you ready for the fall with just one piece skirts or dresses that can only coverage your thigh? Definitely not! However, for someone who would go to hell rather than rifling through piles upon piles of different types of clothes that seems pretty alike in their eyes, this might be excruciating. So I am here to help. Come and see my choices for you.


1 Plaid shirt always ranks first on my list for its casual and intellectual feature which can be wear at most of the occasions, plus red can gives you a warmer impression in the cold wind. By the way, it can be well matched with a dark skinny to give you a slimmer image.


2 A knitting casual sweater is the best choice to stay warm and the type of oversize as well as fluff makes you look even cute as an innocent little girl which will also arouse man’s  protect instinction.

plaid scarf // ASOS T-shirt dress, Sole Society booties // Tory Burch Perry tote

3 Still don’t want to put pants on to avoid the remaining heat? You can just put a scarf around the neck to keep away the wind.


4 A shirt with skinny denim will suit the weather well if it is still a bit hot over your location. .



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Being messed up with the clothes in your wardrobe? Confused every time when it comes to choose your outfit before leaving home? Always find it hard to match colors of your clothes?Leave all that annoying things ahead and save your time, just follow Victoria Beckham’s style which is called “the less ,the more” or either called “less is more” to refresh your style. Here are my scheme of a week for you.


Monday, which means a new start of the following weekdays and the end of last weekend, dress professional and spiritedly will give you definitely hint which will inspire you as well as people around you. Navy stripe blouse and black wrapped floral skirt .


Tuesday, another passionately day comes, try this look to become more mighty to your competitors. All black with a vest and pants which are simple but fit designed.


Wednesday, now fully invested yourselves to your work and some tiny change of your outfit will be preferred. Simple black dress but avulsions at the edge.


Thursday, may be the hardest tolerated day ,you’d better suit yourself more comfortable. Simple black blouse with green skirt to make you more female.


Friday, end your workday with bright looks. Navy shirt and simple pants.


Saturday, find yourself bright colors .one piece of orange would be a great choice.



Sunday, get out more comfortable. Simple coat with  flats .

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Some Strange and Eccentric Design Brooches

The most fashionable match way is pinned countless brooches in your clothes, shirts collar, and your bags this year. This collocation ways can make your look seemed very interesting, and you can random placement these brooches’ according to the pattern which design by yourself. This kind of freedom and casual design, make countless girls scream and crazy for it!



Difficult to understand and strange is this kind of brooches’ design style, this kind of design style completely let you touch the mind but super attract your eyeball.



All of these kinds of brooches are the cartoon images, so you have much more room to collocate by your own mind. If you’re a girl like to funny, so don’t miss these kinds of brooches.



Compared to those gorgeous retro brooch, these cool brooch make you become an independent school up. No matter pinned in shirts or the outerwear’s, it always both special and delicate.


I like the colorful eyes style very much, because this kind of brooch can collocate in anywhere of the clothes.




Like above, pinned on the outerwear or the collar, it’s very delicate! Maybe no one can resist the charm of small brooches with the stylish details of the sense!





Besides the brooches, this series also have the stocks, rings and earrings, all of them are popular by the girls.