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office look

Learn your style from the might-future-to-be most powerful women—Hillary Clinton

Though the other days before might be tough for the strong woman, Hillary Clinton, who was videoed almost pass out on her way to the car and raised all American’s doubt that if she was in well enough health situation to run for the presidential campaign. She surely won herself applaud on the latest debate with Donald Trump with the mighty saying,”I prepared well to be the president”.

Regardless of the choice I will make between the two, the lady definitely won my attention on her dress style, which can be a good example for office lady who seek for what to wear.

The biggest magic she used to style herself is matching the color as well as adding some key points like jewelry to make a look more polish, which, can be easy for some office lady to follow.

1This set of pink make her a better look of kind of ten-year-younger, let alone the vintage style of glasses which embellishes the whole look to keep it away from cheesy.

 2Royal blue is always a great choice to those who want to look more elegant, together with some accessories of golden material,which will balance the strong color.

3This purple grain overcoat is kind of Chinese element inside that makes her more kind.

family fashion

Learn your family style from the famous one

It all looks like a fairy tale when they got married, as they are so well matched with each other, the beautiful and the handsome. They have followers not only in their combination but in the style the couple takes. All things got brighter when the pretty two came birth in the family, just as ordinary families in the world, the cutest two add great fun to the couple, even in dress style.


When they couple were alone in themselves, they are beloved two in the wordless scene which can be tell from both of their eyes. They coordinate well in matching the clothes, the women in wind coat and the man in formal suit.


There is another match, both in sweater. Actually, you don’t have to wear same clothes to show that you are in love with someone, just the same material or series can do that well.



The prince and princess alone can seize the heart of many.


On their tour with Prince George and Princess Charlotte in Canada, they show the world the family love. You can just match your family with same color in different place to show your tacit.

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Just be the way she is—Angelina Jolie’s fashion item

She can be so rebellious but poisonous charming at her young age while elegant as well as kind to all who has a need of helping when she became a mother of seven. Though the eternal love fairy tale with Brad Pitt has broken when she claimed her ten-year relationship and two-year marriage ends, nothing changes her mind as well as style all the way, she is just the way she is. Let’s get some inspiration from her style.



Girl can so chic in black pants suit. You can also try this piece for your fall look.




Black seems the one which always catch Jolie’s attention for its mysterious charming, which you could try it yourself, it is always the safe card.


Grey blouse with jeans that suits her body line well is Jolie’s best look that we all  can learn from. Both reach to the command of fashion and comfort.

Cheap Fashion Accessories

Try simple and easy style-shoes that suit you well

Bella Hadid took a painful tumble on Wednesday. The fashion model landed on all fours on the Michael Kors runway during owe to her six-inch black platform heels.

What she showed us is that you can be mighty and chic at a moment and down to earth the second after.



So as for the coming season,I will strongly recommend you some shoes both fashionable and easy to fit in.

1Round Toe Slip-On Chunky Heel Women’s Pumps


It is really vintage, and the height is very reasonable for both leisure and working.

2Side Zipper Ankle Platform Round Toe Plain Women’s Boots


When it comes to fall, nothing is better than the black boots which ensure you warmth and elegance at the same time.

3Round Toe Ankle Tassel Short Floss Women’s Boots


It can be easily match with jeans which kill two birds with one stone for its comfort level and look.