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Fashion Trench Coats Accompany You Through A Trendy Warm Winter

In winter, it’s said that wear a trench coat is a magic weapon of beautiful, maybe no one is against! If you are finding a fashion trench coat, the following 4 hot sale maybe is your fashion style.


NO.1 “Synonymous with Quality” Camel Coat

This winter has been regarded as a trendsetter senior fan is the camel coat, a simple and elegant tailoring of the camel coat, can improve whole body fashion index number, it is full of texture, forced bursting while low-key elegance.


Buy new clothes, you can buy a quality of the camel coat, it not only is in fashion this year, after a few years will not wear out!


Because of the camel coat is mainly aimed at the color system, so the camel coat contains different version shows a variety of styles, such as lazy and elegant robes coat.


Or the trim and neat suit straight coat.


NO.2 “internet celebrity style” Plaid Coat

In generally speaking that plaid coat is this year’s internet style isn’t exaggeration at all, each of the fashion up to people have one set in the fashion circle. Street shot have to wear plaid coat out of the sun! In fact, plaid coat languished for several years, wearing too Western style also changed soil is also something!


Style or not, the key lies in a pattern of color and style. For example, this year’s fashion pattern absolutely is not a “Scotland”, black and grey brown senior neutral color thin plaid, unique atmosphere texture, full tone, with a trace of British noble gas, it is to let a person to eat soil!


Not only is the plaid coat pattern has become popular elements of this winter can not be avoided to occupy the fashion circle, shirt, pants… You will need a “grid”!


NO.3 “Dark Horse” Sweeping Coat

Do you find that all the hot fashion coat are the long coat, this kind of long coat is that it wrap your whole body, don’t sweep coat with domineering aura, so cheesy lines, who can wear more cool than you!


But this coat although popular, but also pick people, especially for the petite woman, you can wear well! In the choice of coat, try to choose a high waist waist line can highlight the style, or the use of the ride was divided up the waist line, make the line of sight! The easiest way is a pair of western style collocation and good wear thick with ankle boots, minute with you turned thin, high, beautiful, and fashionable to fly!


NO.4 “Fashion Favorite” Double Breasted Coat

With the popularity of uniform wind, double breasted coat tough this season also followed up the fire. This coat is characterized by a handsome and elegant charm, very consistent with the fashion circle to pursue both handsome and neutral law of beauty, so easily become the darling of fashion!


The double breasted coat is also very easy to wear in the sense of retro style, a fashion sense can easily come out, can also make you look good talent shows itself in the crowd easily!


Collocation is no pressure, feminine dress collocation interpretation of androgyny, super stylish!


A casual denim Leggings street, also can let you simple stylish, fashionable is not sloppy!

PARIS, FRANCE - DECEMBER 12:  Sara Carnicella, fashion and life style blogger, is wearing Valentino black shoes, a Valentino bracelet, a Nicoletta Parodi black clutch with fur, a Zara black coat, a Zara red top, and Zara black pants, on December 12, 2016 in Paris, France.  (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

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Mohair Sweater Take You Through A Warm Winter

The single product of sweater, there are at least have 2 sets for every girl in the wardrobe, from slim to oversize, from high-necked to small V neck, from small to high collar sweater to coarse wool, which has a kind of fashionable also comes with a heating function, like wearing the same jacket off!


Perhaps it have a good thing is about you are not afraid of tremble with the whole body any more when you put on the clothes…It has so many styles and colors, and have long hair and short hair.


Mohair is very soft, it softer than a sweater and more temperature than knitting.


It also can easily penetrate the beauty temperament.


Mohair refers to the body of the Angola goat hair, it has a good elasticity, pressure, a special luster and other characteristics, is one of the world’s advanced textile fiber raw materials. It is plush velvet and very cute. It is like a hot pack can fever by itself.




Wool Bead Round Neck Long Sleeve Women's Sweater

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3 Tips Teach You to Get Rid of the Trouble to Blow the Hair in the Winter

No matter what length of your hair, whether you are in the city have heating or not, cold winter always lack of the power of wash the hair and blowing it. What exactly method can quickly shorten the blowing time? Here have 3 tips about “hair fast dry” method, not only blowing hair super save effort, but also to reduce the hair dryer damage to the hair.



Quick Dry Tip 1: Need a Good Absorbent Towel.

When everyone is studying what kind of hair dryer to buy more appropriate, meanwhile they often ignore the most basic step——Most able to let the hair twice the multiplier actually is a good enough water absorbent dry towel.



Choose a high water absorbent towel, then partition the scalp and hair, press to half dry, blow hair time immediately save half. But need to pay attention to needn’t friction around with the back and forth to dry the hair, because it will make the hair cuticle curled, hurt the hair.

Quick Dry Tip 2: Comb Your Hair before Blowing.

Wet hair is the most easily to the knot, it will waste a lot of time to dry. So, before blowing hair, we must comb the hair straight, comb shun first. Hair, it is best to use a wide tooth comb to comb hair, but do not pull, or hair.


Quick Dry Tip 3: To Understand the Order of Hair Blowing

Not everyone have money to buy thousands of dollars of money senior hair dryer, thousands of dollars of advanced hairdryer is not “absolutely no heat damage”. To avoid heat damage caused by blowing, let hair blowing time more evenly, not at the same position has been blowing.


When blowing the hair, you’d better from the most amount of place to blow: first with warm air will dry scalp, then from the back of the head start, blowing forward to forehead.

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Strange Hair Style on the Red Carpet in Cannes

There are many big stars are really looking forward to all kinds of red carpet every year, especially the influential Cannes Film Festival, there are countless stars to join. In order to earn the eyeball, they came up with all kinds of wonderful tricks to win the lottery.

Over the years, there is a person adhere to wonderful route unwavering…… Elena Lina (Elena Lenina) often exaggerated hair called “steal the spotlight, walking fine pot”.

Look1. Towering hair on the insertion of several similar to the branches of the decoration, the truth is a “walking pot” , scenery all over the top of the head.


Look2. Fluffy hair is divided into two strands before and after, and was tied into each ball, as if the top of the head of the two balloons, looks super funny.


Look3. Have you ever seen hair more than 20 cm high? Perhaps only Elena Lina can withstand such a strange hairstyle walked the red carpet, it looks like the head like lightning.


Look4. Towering hair decorated with some wavy hair, is wonderful to the extreme.


Look5. A crown can hold live a hair, looks very good and heavy.


Look6. This hairstyle looks like the head of two weight, especially for the neck with super beads accessories, it’s so particularly.