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What is the Spring Fashion on 2017?

u10048p1ts1482909477_72010The winter has passed, and the spring has coming! In this spring season, do you want to go travel, breathe fresh air, and go hiking to relax yourself? In order to make your travel more fashionable and beautiful, so please prepare for a variety of fashion clothes on your travel! So what are the most popular trends in 2017, which color, which styles?

I think the strapless tops, wide leg pants, perspective long dresses, stripes is very famous on 2017. The color is dark green, hazelnut, pale dogwood are very popular on this year. I see many fashion bloggers are wore them and share on their blog, Instagram, or Facebook! Have you been stimulated by these beautiful pictures? If you like, please do it quickly!

wide leg pants
perspective long dresses

I can recommend you a website: tbdress online store, this site has a lot of new fashion clothes on 2017. All of dresses, tops, pants and shoes are have the new trends and popular colors. If you join in it, I think you must choose one which is the famous items to match!Besides, all of clothes also have their fashion brands, and you will get the high quality and discount now!

Women tops

Royal Sleeveless Plain Pleated Women's Maxi Dress

Yellow Fishtail Women's Lace Dress



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How Can I Give My Honey a Romantic Valentine’s Day 2017

The Valentine’s Day will coming, so are you have some ideas to celebrate for your honey? I think some people will send the flowers and chocolate for their honey. Some people will have arranged a romantic meal in a restaurant or night in a hotel. But I have another idea to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Now I share it to you and hope to give you some help.                       1070x430First, I ordered a bunch of flowers on the Internet, on the day, when she entered the office and see a bouquet of roses on the table, but no name on the card, I think my wife very surprise and happy. Maybe she can think it is from me.

images (4) Second, I will ready for the red wine, vegetables, steak and more food, make a romantic dinner. When she pushes the door and seeing the candlelight dinner, I think she will so exciting and run into my arms, and give me the kiss!

images (2)    images (6)

Third, when she goes into the bedroom, and seeing a beautiful and sexy dress on bed, a accessories on the desk, I think she will so happy and say love to me.

12458415_1 (1) 12686573_1

11647202_1 12192265_1

Are you feeling happy and romantic? The rose, the dress, the accessories, the romantic dinner, these are prepared for my heart, I think my wife must be happy and hard to forget this day!