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3 Tips Teach You to Get Rid of the Trouble to Blow the Hair in the Winter

No matter what length of your hair, whether you are in the city have heating or not, cold winter always lack of the power of wash the hair and blowing it. What exactly method can quickly shorten the blowing time? Here have 3 tips about “hair fast dry” method, not only blowing hair super save effort, but also to reduce the hair dryer damage to the hair.



Quick Dry Tip 1: Need a Good Absorbent Towel.

When everyone is studying what kind of hair dryer to buy more appropriate, meanwhile they often ignore the most basic step——Most able to let the hair twice the multiplier actually is a good enough water absorbent dry towel.



Choose a high water absorbent towel, then partition the scalp and hair, press to half dry, blow hair time immediately save half. But need to pay attention to needn’t friction around with the back and forth to dry the hair, because it will make the hair cuticle curled, hurt the hair.

Quick Dry Tip 2: Comb Your Hair before Blowing.

Wet hair is the most easily to the knot, it will waste a lot of time to dry. So, before blowing hair, we must comb the hair straight, comb shun first. Hair, it is best to use a wide tooth comb to comb hair, but do not pull, or hair.


Quick Dry Tip 3: To Understand the Order of Hair Blowing

Not everyone have money to buy thousands of dollars of money senior hair dryer, thousands of dollars of advanced hairdryer is not “absolutely no heat damage”. To avoid heat damage caused by blowing, let hair blowing time more evenly, not at the same position has been blowing.


When blowing the hair, you’d better from the most amount of place to blow: first with warm air will dry scalp, then from the back of the head start, blowing forward to forehead.

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