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4 Important Things About Wedding Dresses

Wedding no matter in which country is one of the biggest thing. Although different countries have different traditions, under the influence of relationship between eastern countries and western countries, an increasing number of eastern people wear wedding dresses on the wedding ceremony, which shows the great popularity of these dresses. Wedding dresses are common to everyone, especially the brides; however, not everyone knows the history and development of wedding dresses. Maybe you never think about searching profound information of wedding dress, but it’s hard to say that you will have no interest in these information; therefore, read on and know more about dresses for wedding. You will be surprised to find out that these information are interesting and very useful.



Wedding is one of the most important thing in one’s life, no matter which country you are from. In the past, different countries have different wedding traditions and traditional apparel to wear, while with the development of the relationship between western countries and eastern countries, most eastern countries tend to wear white wedding dresses on wedding, such as China, Korea, and Japan.

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              UK Wedding                                    Traditional Chinese Wedding

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Traditional Korean Wedding               Traditional Japanese Wedding

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         US Wedding                                 Modern Chinese Wedding

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  Modern Korean Wedding                     Modern Japanese Wedding


Wedding dresses are very common nowadays, but you may not know quite a lot about them. If you doubt, then look at the following questions. Do you know who was the first person that wore a white wedding dress on the wedding? Do you know why most wedding dresses are white? Do you know when did white bridal dresses become popular? It’s true that we are all familiar with wedding dress, but it’s also the truth that we do not know the answers to these questions.

During the middle ages, marriage is a lot more than a union of two people. It could be a union of two families, two business or two countries and many weddings were held for politics rather than love, especially marriages among the noble and the high social class. Therefore, brides were expected to dress in a way to bring more light or benefits to their families. The brides from rich families or higher social class usually worn rich or bold colors, while brides from poor families usually wore their best church dress on wedding.


The first documented person who wore a white wedding gown was a princess, Philippa of England. She wore a tunic with a white cloak in 1406. Queen of Scots, Mary, wore a white wedding dress in 1559. Before the Victorian era, a bride can be married in any color, while white became popular in 1840 under the influence of the marriage of Queen Victoria, who wore a white dress with lace details on her big day, and after that many brides chose white as first option for wedding gowns.



Begin from the Victorian era, wedding dresses adapted to the styles of the day. In the 1920s, dresses for wedding are typically short in the front with a longer train in the back and could be combined with a cloche-style veil. From the late 1960s, these dresses were sold in long and full-skirted designs. Now, in western countries, dresses for wedding are usually white. Some similar colors like ivory and champagne also can be seen on some wedding gowns.


Currently, 75% of wedding dresses on the market are strapless or sleeveless as these dresses need less skills from designers and are easy to retailor for a better fit. The styles of dresses for wedding vary a lot due to the development of fashion world and it’s easy to find a favorite one.


                 STRAPLESS WEDDING DRESSES                                   SLEEVELESS SHORT WEDDING DRESS


Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

For loyal weddings or celebrity weddings, the brides usually turn to traditional styles or special styles, like vintage style wedding dress, lace sleeve wedding dress or unique wedding dress, and generally speaking, their dresses for wedding are custom made by famous designers, such as Alexander McQueen and Vera Wang; while for the brides
from normal families, they tend to choose modern wedding gowns which are special and unique to show their personalities, and usually these gowns are bought from department stores or online stores, such as Ericdress and J.Crew.



A perfect wedding dress will make a wedding become the most memorable and sweetest time in the bride’s lifetime. In order to make her wedding perfect in every detail, the bride should choose a wedding dress carefully.

When the beautiful bride faces too many gorgeous wedding dresses, she will be dazzled and capricious. It is too difficult to make a right decision. So it is very necessary to think about how to select a wedding dress for the bride. Choosing a suitable wedding dress should think about different aspects, such as color, style and other details. Here are 3 tips for choosing perfect bridal gown for your wedding.

The Color of Wedding Dresses

White stands for pure, flawless and virginity. That’s the reason why white wedding apparel is the most common. Ivory, silver and champagne are also the traditional colors. Recently pink, orange, baby blue, light purple and silver are become more and more popular. If you are willing to try, these colors will show different styles. To be honest, color is not the most important. No matter which color you choose, suitable is the best. I mean the color of wedding dress should be suitable for your skin color. The skin of Asian women is slightly yellow. White will make their skin dark. While ivory is more suitable for Asian women. Fair women never need to worry about the color of dresses, because every color fits them well.


The Style of Wedding Dresses

Floor length wedding dresses make the bride noble. Almost every bride can’t resist the temptation of these dresses. But this kind of dresses will make the bride look short. Floor length wedding dresses are not suitable for outdoor wedding. On the contrary, ankle length and tea length wedding gowns are simple and convenient. These wedding dresses are suitable for any occasion, such as beach wedding, lake wedding and so on. Knee length or short wedding dresses are the most suitable for tall and slim brides. As for petite brides, princess wedding dresses are not bad.


Wedding Venues

Different wedding dresses are suitable for different venues. Environment factors always restrict bride’s choices. Concise and short wedding dresses are very fit for out-door wedding, such as beach wedding, mountain wedding etc. Elegant floor length cathedral bridal dresses are unique to church and cathedral wedding. Please avoid too sexy and revealing dresses when you decide to hold your wedding in church and cathedral. In order to show respect to the God, the bride should dress and dignified. Wedding dresses mean a lot to the bride. Perfect wedding dresses create perfect brides.




Fashion trends are changing very year, so are the trends of wedding dresses. The Spring 2016 Wedding Dress Trends published by brides.com shows us how future wedding gowns will look like. Compared with conventional bridal dresses, in 2016, dresses for wedding will be bold and sexier. You will see designs such as deep plunging neckline, feathers, and 3D floral appliques on wedding dresses. No matter what kind of changes take place on wedding gowns, they show the development of fashion world and the great demand that brides want to wear unique and spectacular dress on their big day.



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