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Mohair Sweater Take You Through A Warm Winter

The single product of sweater, there are at least have 2 sets for every girl in the wardrobe, from slim to oversize, from high-necked to small V neck, from small to high collar sweater to coarse wool, which has a kind of fashionable also comes with a heating function, like wearing the same jacket off!


Perhaps it have a good thing is about you are not afraid of tremble with the whole body any more when you put on the clothes…It has so many styles and colors, and have long hair and short hair.


Mohair is very soft, it softer than a sweater and more temperature than knitting.


It also can easily penetrate the beauty temperament.


Mohair refers to the body of the Angola goat hair, it has a good elasticity, pressure, a special luster and other characteristics, is one of the world’s advanced textile fiber raw materials. It is plush velvet and very cute. It is like a hot pack can fever by itself.




Wool Bead Round Neck Long Sleeve Women's Sweater

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